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What is Bash and What Does it Do?

Oct 16, 20191 min readTerminal, BashViews:
Bash is a command line tool. Every terminal has a command line that you use to communicate with your computer’s OS (Operating System).Every time you open your computer’s Terminal, you open a so-called…

NPM vs. Yarn, What’s the Difference?

Oct 15, 20192 min readNPM, YarnViews:
NPM is a JavaScript package manager. NPM, the organization, is the worlds biggest software registry. NPM is used by the Open Source community to share software in the shape of packages. Packages can…

Terminal vs. Command Line, What’s the Difference?

Oct 14, 20191 min readTerminalViews:
The Terminal is an interface/application that gives you access to the underlying Operating System (OS) of your machine. The Terminal allows you to speak to the brain of your computer — so to speak…

How to Add Custom JavaScript to Your GatsbyJS Site

Oct 12, 20191 min readGatsbyJSViews:
Although GatsbyJS is a React framework, it can be useful to know how to add custom JavaScript to your Gatsby project. Perhaps you just moved your old website to Gatsby, and have a bunch of custom…

Netlify, Quick Fix for Missing SSL/HTTPS on www domain

Jul 19, 20191 min readNetlifyViews:
Does your Netlify hosted website show up as insecure when visiting your domain with the www prefix, but it shows up fine without www? Go to Domain Settings > HTTPS. If you only see…

How to Animate a Bouncing SVG Icon With CSS

Jun 25, 20188 min readCSS, TutorialViews:
A lot of websites load the entire Font Awesome library on their website, but they only use a small handful of icons — that’s a waste of bandwidth. You can save a lot of resources by downloading the…

Test post

Apr 8, 20171 min readTutorial, JavaScriptViews:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Nostrum eius nesciunt vero! Quod est velit ratione quam voluptate quis cum qui facilis suscipit culpa maxime alias, corrupti excepturi ad…


May 1, 20161 min readTestViews:
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