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How to Update All Mac Apps From the Command Line

Nov 18, 20191 min readMac, iOSViews:
Are you sometimes having problems updating your Mac apps via the App Store? Well, you’re not alone. I see more and more users complaining about this. Fortunately, there’s a faster and more consistent…

What is Alexa Rank and How Does it Affect SEO?

Nov 17, 20193 min readSEOViews:
Alexa rank is a global ranking system for websites. Alexa uses website traffic data to measure a website’s popularity relative to other websites. Alexa is just one of many SEO measuring tools in the…

What is a VPN and Why Do You Need One?

Nov 16, 20193 min readVPN, Security, PrivacyViews:
In short, a VPN is a type of online service that provides software/apps that you can install on your devices to make your internet connection more secure than it is by default. A VPN gives you online…

How to Update Xcode

Nov 15, 20191 min readXcode, iOSViews:
You’d think that Xcode, the application itself, would let you know when there’s a new version out. Wrong. For some reason, to update Xcode you have to go to the App Store first. So go there. Remember…

When Should You Use Bold vs. Italic in Typography?

Nov 14, 20194 min readTypography, CSSViews:
In typography the there are many emphasis techniques, with italics and bold being the most common ones. Italic and bold are different font variations of the original typeface design. Let’s find out…

How to Create Drop Caps With CSS (Typography)

Nov 13, 20193 min readTypographyViews:
Drop cap is the first letter in a text block. Drop caps are usually used in the lead paragraph of a document, like this paragraph you’re reading right now. Drop caps are styled differently than the…

What’s the Difference Between Serif and Sans-serif fonts?

Nov 12, 20191 min readTypographyViews:
In typography, the two most common typeface classifications (font types) are serif and sans-serif. Let’s find out what makes them different. The word “Serif” refers to a finishing letter stroke in…

Why Should You Not Use The Comic Sans Font?

Nov 11, 20192 min readTypographyViews:
If you’ve been working as a web designer or developer for a few months, you’ve probably heard this advice: And here it is:Comic Sans has a round, unelegant, and somewhat flamboyant style, which makes…

How to Use Text Alignment in Typography — Like a Pro

Nov 10, 20194 min readTypography, CSSViews:
In typography, there are 4 common techniques to to align your text. The following typography guidelines apply to print work as well as web typography.To align text with CSS (for the web) we use the…

How to See Which Fonts A Website is Using

Nov 9, 20191 min readTypography, Chrome ExtensionsViews:
There are a couple of ways to find out which fonts a website is using. I’ll show you the fastest way first.The fastest way to find a website’s fonts is to install a browser extension. There are a few…

How to Prevent Image Stretching With Flexbox

Nov 6, 20191 min readCSSViews:
Learn how to prevent CSS’s Flexbox from stretching your image horizontally.Flexbox has an odd default behavior where images get stretched horizontally to the full width of its parent container. So if…

How to Download All Images From a Website (Chrome Extension)

Nov 5, 20191 min readChromeViews:
How to quickly download images from a website with a Chrome Extension.There used to be a great Chrome Extension that allowed you to quickly download all images on a website, called Image Downloader…

How to Comment CSS Code

Nov 4, 20192 min readCSSViews:
How to use comments in CSS. You write comments inside CSS stylesheets to briefly document (explain) the code, either for yourself or for members of your team.To write comments in CSS we use the…

How to Comment HTML Code

Nov 3, 20192 min readHTMLViews:
In HTML documents you can write comments that are not interpreted by the web browser. The purpose of using comments inside your HTML files is to briefly document (explain) the code, either for…

How to Embed Codepen in Gatsby Markdown

Nov 1, 20192 min readGatsbyJS, CodePenViews:
Learn how to embed Pen’s (from CodePen) in GatsbyJS markdown files.In GatsbyJS, markdown is the default language that most Gatsby site owners use to write their content (blog posts, tutorials). If…

How to Remove Text Widows and Orphans on the Web

Oct 31, 20193 min readTypography, HTMLViews:
Web typography: learn how to get rid of widows or orphans in your text on your websites, with a simple string. What are widows?Widows, sometimes called orphans or runts, occur when a word is left…

How to Add Google Fonts to Your Website

Oct 30, 20193 min readTypography, HTML, CSSViews:
Learn how to quickly add Google Fonts to your website with the HTML element and a few lines of CSS.This quick typography and CSS tutorial will show you the fastest way I know to add Google…

How to Empty an Array With JavaScript

Oct 29, 20191 min readJavaScriptViews:
Learn how to empty an array with JavaScript. Emptying an array with JavaScript could not be more simple. Let’s say you have an array with a list of exercises:Use console.log(exerciseList) to print out…

How to Center Elements With CSS

Oct 28, 20195 min readCSSViews:
Centering elements with CSS appears much harder than it should be, especially if you need to both center horizontally and vertically. Today I’ll show you how to do it, both with modern CSS and a bit…

How to Find Your Public IP Address

Oct 26, 20191 min readTerminal, Command LineViews:
Learn how to find your public IP address using different methods. The quickest way to find your public IP address is to simply go on Google, or your preferred search engine, and type: Depending on…

Why Semantic Markup is Important for Your SEO

Oct 25, 20194 min readSEOViews:
Let’s talk about why semantic markup (HTML) is important for your websites SEO, and how simple it is to get this crucial SEO element right, even as non-techie. Most people have heard about SEO (Search…

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF Document

Oct 24, 20191 min readChrome, Web Developer ToolsViews:
Learn how to save any web page as a PDF document — fast. Saving a web page as a PDF file via your browser is one of those awesome gems that has sneaked into modern web browsers without most noticing…

How to Exclude Drafts from Your Production Site in GatsbyJS

Oct 23, 20191 min readGatsbyJS, ReactViews:
In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to exclude drafts from your Gatsby website in production mode. Start by opening your gatsby-config.js file. Then go to gatsby-source-filesystem. Now inside the…

How to Get the Last Element of an Array With Vanilla JavaScript

Oct 22, 20192 min readJavaScriptViews:
Let’s learn how to get the last element of an array with plain JavaScript, using 3 different methods. First, let’s set up an array of items, so we have something to work with. In this case, we’ll use…

How to Use CSS Animations to Rotate Images Continuously

Oct 21, 20192 min readCSS, AnimationViews:
In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to continuously rotate images using the CSS animation property. First, we need some HTML markup with an image and some attributes: Your image should show up…

How Much Size Does An NPM Package Add to Your Total Bundlesize?

Oct 20, 20191 min readPerformance, Web Developer Tools, NPMViews:
When you install NPM packages to your project, you often don’t know how much size it adds to your project’s total bundle size. This is important, because as you start adding packages over time your…

How to See All SEO Tags (Keywords) on YouTube videos

Oct 19, 20191 min readSEO, ChromeViews:
If you’re a YouTuber and new to SEO it can be valuable to take a look at how your colleagues and competitors are SEO tagging their YouTube videos with keywords. Tagging your videos, greatly improves…

How to Delete a Git Init From Your Repository

Oct 18, 20191 min readGitViews:
If you want to remove a Git Init file, e.g. from a cloned GitHub respository, first make sure that you are in the correct directory, you can run the following command inside your terminal: Now when…

What is Bash and What Does it Do?

Oct 16, 20191 min readTerminal, BashViews:
Bash is a command line tool. Every terminal has a command line that you use to communicate with your computer’s OS (Operating System).Every time you open your computer’s Terminal, you open a so-called…

NPM vs. Yarn, What’s the Difference?

Oct 15, 20192 min readNPM, YarnViews:
NPM is a JavaScript package manager. NPM, the organization, is the worlds biggest software registry. NPM is used by the Open Source community to share software in the shape of packages. Packages can…

Terminal vs. Command Line, What’s the Difference?

Oct 14, 20191 min readTerminalViews:
The Terminal is an interface/application that gives you access to the underlying Operating System (OS) of your machine. The Terminal allows you to speak to the brain of your computer — so to speak…

How to Add Custom JavaScript to Your GatsbyJS Site

Oct 12, 20191 min readGatsbyJSViews:
Although GatsbyJS is a React framework, it can be useful to know how to add custom JavaScript to your Gatsby project. Perhaps you just moved your old website to Gatsby, and have a bunch of custom…

Netlify, Quick Fix for Missing SSL/HTTPS on www domain

Jul 19, 20191 min readNetlifyViews:
Does your Netlify hosted website show up as insecure when visiting your domain with the www prefix, but it shows up fine without www? Go to Domain Settings > HTTPS. If you only see…

How to Animate a Bouncing SVG Icon With CSS

Jun 25, 20188 min readCSS, TutorialViews:
A lot of websites load the entire Font Awesome library on their website, but they only use a small handful of icons — that’s a waste of bandwidth. You can save a lot of resources by downloading the…

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Apr 8, 20171 min readTutorial, JavaScriptViews:
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May 1, 20161 min readTestViews: