How to Create a Custom Color Palette in Aseprite

There are a couple of ways to create a custom color palette in Aseprite:

  1. Asesprite can auto-generate a palette based on an existing sprite.
  2. Customize an existing built-in color palette and save it as a new palette.

Let’s look at both methods.

1. Create palette based on a current sprite

The fastest way to create a custom color palette in Aseprite is if you already have a sprite that you’re working on, and then decide to create the foundation of your color palette based on your current sprite’s colors:

  1. Go to Options, and choose > Create Palette from Current Sprite:
Create Palette from Current Sprite
  1. Now you can configure your new color palette, such as how many colors you want to use. If you’re not sure, just keep the default settings and click OK:
Save color palette window in Aseprite

You should now see your newly generated color palette show up as your current palette in Aseprite. Here’s how it looked when I followed the steps above to generate a palette based on a Halo character sprite:

Color palette generated based on existing sprite in Aseprite

Click on the Options dropdown list in the top left corner of Aseprite, and click “Save Palette”:

Replace color in Aseprite window

2. Customize existing Aseprite palette

You can also load one of the built-in Aseprite palettes. Then you can delete the colors you don’t want, add new ones, and save that as your custom palette.

For example, if you like Aseprite’s built-in ARNE16 palette and want to use that as a starting point for your own palette:

  1. Load the ARNE16 palette from the Presets list.
  2. To remove a color, click on it and press Cmd + X (Ctrl on Windows) to cut it out from the palette list.
  3. To add a new color, click on the Foreground color at the bottom left corner to launch the color options window.
  4. Choose a new color.
  5. As soon as you choose a new color, a little red exclamation mark pops up. Click on it to add your new color to your existing palette.

Here’s a quick video demonstration:

Save your custom palette

To save your custom palette in Aseprite, go Options > Save Palette.

But where should you save your custom color palettes?

You can save your palettes where you want, however, where you do it makes a difference to your Aseprite workflow moving forward.

I wrote this short tutorial about where to save and load your custom Aseprite palettes. It’ll be worth the 2 minutes of reading.

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