How the Return Statement works in JavaScript

In JavaScript, the return statement is used to stop a function from executing and return a value from inside the function.

Let’s say you have a function addName that accepts name inputs.

let addName = function(name) {}

Now you want to pass a name to the addName() function:

let myNameIs = addName("David")

Now the addName function contains a variable name with a string value of "David" but right now you can’t do anything with the name variable and its string value David, because it’s stuck inside the addName() function.

If you try to access it like this:

// Undefined

You get undefined.

This is where return comes into the picture.

Add return name inside your function and then try to log it out again:

let addName = function(name) {
  return name

let myNameIs = addName("David")

// "David"

Now it works!

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