What is a Value in JavaScript?

Learn what is considered a value in JavaScript.

In JavaScript, the term value is an abstract (broad) concept because many things are considered values and there are many types of values. For example:

  • numbers
  • strings
  • functions
  • objects
  • boolean
  • null
  • undefined

If you’re ever in doubt about the type of a value in JavaScript, put typeof in front of the value. Try the examples below in your console:

console.log(typeof "Hi there!")
// output: "string"

console.log(typeof 7)
// output: "number"

console.log(typeof function toggleNav() {} )
// output: "function"

console.log(typeof {} )
// output: "object"

console.log(typeof true)
// output: "boolean"

console.log(typeof dog)
// output: "undefined"

These values are the most common ones you’ll see in the wild when starting out learning JavaScript. There is more to say about values and value types than this, but I want to keep this post simple and beginner-friendly.

I firmly believe that gradually increasing your tech-vocabulary is a better way to learn than bombarding yourself with countless of terms at once.