How to use Burst Mode on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Camera

On iPhone 11, holding down the shutter button no longer activates burst mode. Instead, it activates quick video mode.

To use burst mode on iPhone 11:

  1. Portrait mode: press and immediately drag the shutter button left.
  2. Landscape mode: press and immediately drag the shutter button up.

Let go of the button as soon as you’re done shooting.

I want to stress the press and immediately drag part. You should not press and hold the shutter butter. That will activate the quick video recording mode.

Pressing and dragging the shutter button should be one fluid motion. As soon as your finger touches the shutter button, immediately drag your finger left (portrait) or up (landscape).

It probably takes a couple of attempts until you get the feel of it, but it will quickly become second nature.

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