How to Toggle Between Editor and Terminal in VSCode (macOS)

One of the most important VSCode keyboard shortcuts to cement in your fingertips is how to quickly toggle between the VSCode editor and the integrated VSCode terminal, like his:

In VSCode, some keyboard shortcuts are the same no matter which country you’re from, while other shortcuts are totally different. That too can be said about the keyboard shortcut for toggling the editor & terminal.

For some US users the command is:

  • Windows: CTRL + `
  • Mac: CMD + `

Note: on some keyboards, ` is right under the ESC button.

For a lot of non-US Mac users, including me, the default shortcut is CMD + J which is nice and easy.

For more info, check out the official VSCode keyboard shortcuts list.

Unfortunately the official list is not universally applicable, but it might help you.

Why use VSCode’s integrated terminal?

I asked this question too until I tried it. I promise that once you get used to it you’ll wonder why you were using your Mac or Window’s native command line all this time. VSCode can almost do everything — it’s glorious!

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