Terminal vs. Command Line, What’s the Difference?

The Terminal is an interface/application that gives you access to the underlying Operating System (OS) of your machine. The Terminal allows you to speak to the brain of your computer — so to speak.

The Command Line as the word implies refers to the actual line that you write commands on, inside the terminal. A command line is followed by hitting Enter to execute it, which will result in some type of response — depending on the command.

You can write endless lines of commands (instructions) to the computer to either retrieve, add, modify, or delete anything from text documents to media files — and much more. You can write entire software programs/applications inside the terminal. The possibilities are limitless.

One of the most common command lines is to “CD”, or Change Directory (navigate around) on your computer while inside your terminal, and that’s where I suggest you start your terminal/command line journey!

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