How to Update All Mac Apps From the Command Line

Are you sometimes having problems updating your Mac apps via the App Store? Well, you’re not alone. I see more and more users complaining about this. Fortunately, there’s a faster and more consistent way of updating your Mac apps, by using the command line via your terminal.

Open up your Mac terminal and run this command:

softwareupdate --install -a

Te -a flag stands for all.

Your output will look like this:

Software Update Tool

Finding available software

Downloaded iTunes Device Support Update
Downloaded Security Update 2019-006
Installing iTunes Device Support Update, Security Update 2019-00

Your Mac’s internal software updater will now download and install the latest updates for your Mac apps. Once you’re done you’ll probably be asked to restart your computer “immediately.”

I suggest you comply unless you have some important work to do on your Mac right now, because the updating process can take 20-30 minutes, depending on your hardware power, and the size of your update.

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