How to Download All Images From a Website (Chrome Extension)

How to quickly download images from a website with a Chrome Extension.

There used to be a great Chrome Extension that allowed you to quickly download all images on a website, called Image Downloader. The author stopped updating it a while ago, which made the extension unreliable.

Image Downloader logo
Image Downloader extension logo

Image Downloader Continued

Fortunately, it recently got forked/taken over by someone called DK who frequently updates the extension. The new version is called Image Downloader Continued. Based on the reviews, users are very happy with it — me too!

Get the Image Downloader Continued extension here.

How to use the Image Downloader Continued extension

Once you’ve installed Image Download Continued, go to the website you want to download images from, and click on the Image Download Continued Icon in your browser toolbar (usually at the top right).

The extension loads in every image file on that URL, which might not be what you’re looking for. No problem, you can just use the filter option, e.g. to only show specific formats like jpeg/jpg, png, or SVG.

You can get much more specific by filtering based on width or height, smallest to largest, and even regex. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

A quick video example of me using the Image Downloader extension with a single filter jpeg:

If you’re quick, you probably noticed that the Medium article from the example above has image files using both jpeg & jpg extensions (they’re the same format) — make sure you pay attention to these details when you use the filter function.

Happy downloading :)

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