macOS Mojave introduces a new Screenshot Tool

In macOS Mojave, how you take screenshots has improved greatly from prior Operating Systems. You can still use the same screen capturing methods as outlined in this tutorialbut with Mojave, you now have a new tool/app that brings multiple post-production options for editing your screen captures.

To open the new Mojave Screenshot tool, press Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard.

Once you’ve taken a screenshot you can quickly edit it, such as adding text or cropping your capture.

You can also set up a countdown timer, with 5 or 10 seconds which gives you time to set up your UI for a specific look, before the screenshot is captured.

You can also easily forward your screenshots via email or as a message, which is especially practical if you quickly need to explain a problem to a colleague or a client.

You can even record your screen, which is a feature I haven’t explored a lot yet. Nonetheless, this screenshot upgrade to Mojave is a welcomed edition.

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