An Awesome Shortcut to Erase Pixels in Aseprite

In Aseprite, the standard way to erase pixels is to use the Eraser tool (keyboard shortcut: E). But there’s a faster way to erase pixels that won’t require you to repeatedly switch back and forth between the pencil and eraser tool.

You can use right-click as an eraser!

How to make right-click erasing work:

  1. At the bottom left corner in Aseprite, click on the Background color palette (it’s right below the Foreground palette).
  2. Instead of the default RGB, choose Mask.

Now with your pencil tool selected (B), you can delete pixels by simply right-clicking on your art.

It works just like the eraser (but faster):

  1. Right-click once to delete single pixels.
  2. Right-click, hold down, and drag to delete multiple pixels.

A quick video demonstration:

If you have a Mac touchpad, you right-click by pressing with two fingers instead of one.

Sweet, now you can quickly switch between drawing and deleting pixels without worrying about hitting the wrong key, or forgetting about switching back to your pencil after using the eraser tool.

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