“Help, Things Disappear When I Hit the Play (Render) Button in Unity”

One of the most common issues Unity beginners have is that certain graphic/UI elements disappear when you hit the play button to render the scene.

The reason this happens is almost always because you accidentally manipulated the transform position’s z-axis to a minus value that is lower than your camera’s.

What happens is that your scene camera has a default z-axis value of -10 (at least in 2D). So if one of your UI elements has a transform position z-axis value that is lower such as -11, then it’s positioned behind the camera. Obviously, the camera can’t render and display elements that are positioned behind it!

How to fix it

  • In 3D, change your disappearing UI elements position z-axis value to a value higher than your scene camera.
  • In 2D just set it to 0 (you generally don’t need the z-axis for 2D games).

Video example:

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