How to Deploy a Static Next.js Site to Netlify

To deploy a static Next.js website to Netlify, first you need to export your Next.js site as a static build.

Go to your Next.js project’s package.json file and make sure you have this line inside your scripts object:

"build": "next build && next export",

For context, here’s my entire scripts object:

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "next dev",
    "build": "next build && next export",
    "start": "next start"

Now you can statically export your Next.js site by running one of these commands:

yarn build


npm run build

Make sure your static site is pushed to GitHub or another remote repository.

Then login to your Netlify account and do this:

  • Click on the New site from Git button
  • Under Continuous Deployment choose one of the 3 Git Providers (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket), this will show you a list all your repositories.
  • Choose the project you want to deploy to Netlify and fill out the Build & Publish fields
  • Build command: either yarn build or `npm run build
  • Publish directory: out

It should look like this:

Netlify build settings

Now click on Deploy site.

If you’ve done everything correctly, your static Next.js site will get deployed on Netlify within a couple of minutes, depending on how big your project is.

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