VPN’s and other apps can make your Internet unstable (Quick Fix)

Do you use a VPN or a Firewall? Does your Internet occasionally become unstable, to the point where you have to restart your computer before it works again?

Here’s a quick tip that will often make your Internet work immediately, without a restart:

Disable any app on your computer that is in any way connected to your Internet connection or local network. This could be routing software, a firewall, a VPN, or something else.

What will often happen is that after a few seconds, your Internet will start working again. Now you can enable your VPN, Firewall, or whatever app was causing the hiccup, again, and your Internet should stay stable for a while.

Instead of restarting your computer every time, which is time-consuming, find the guilty app and contact customer support. If it‘s an app you’re paying for, chances are that you will get some useful feedback, or perhaps even a perfect solution.

I know that you want a permanent solution, but I’ve never found a solution that prevents this problem from happening 100% of the time. Every now and then some apps will cause some type of freeze on an operating system, which can cause your Internet to become unstable.