Manage and Secure Your Passwords with LastPass

In this day and age, it’s recommended that you use long and gibberish looking passwords for your online accounts, to prevent yourself from getting hacked.

It’s also recommended to not use the same password on multiple platforms. Unfortunately, it’s tedious to memorize dozens of long and nonsensical passwords, and that’s where LastPass will quickly become your best friend.

Manage all your passwords with LastPass

LastPass is a free password manager tool that remembers all your passwords across every device you’re using, for free. LastPass also has a Chrome Extension which makes it a lot more convenient to use than without it.

One of the coolest things about LastPass is that you can share your passwords with other people, without them being able to see your exact password (they’ll see an encrypted version).

This is useful if you just quickly need to allow someone to login to one of your accounts, but you probably don’t want them to have permanent access, or have the ability to lock you out of your account (which is often possible if someone has your literal password).

LastPass has a free and a premium version. Right now I’m on a trial for the premium version, so I’m not yet sure exactly what you don’t get on the free version, but I’ll make specific tutorials about this tool as I gain more experience with it. So far it’s been awesome.

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