The Funny Truth About Standards in Product Creation

I recently stumbled over this hilarious, and almost tragicomic cartoon about standards in product creation, whether it’s in software development or anywhere else, and I wanted to share it:

Unfortunately, I don’t know who deserves the credit for this work of art.

It’s funny because it’s universally true that no matter which coding language, framework, or tool you’re using, there will always be different opinions about the right way of doing things with X language or tool.

This usually results in not one, but a myriad of “official” standards about the best way to organize projects, name variables, functions, files, directories, etc.

The problem is that a standard isn’t a standard if there is more than one within the same topic, is it?

Let me be clear: internal project standards are important because they help to enforce consistency among teams that work on projects that scale over time. However, standards generally don’t work when you try to push them onto people outside of your bubble.

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