How to Get the Last Element of an Array With Vanilla JavaScript

Let’s learn how to get the last element of an array with plain JavaScript, using 3 different methods. First, let’s set up an array of items, so we have something to work with. In this case, we’ll use a list of exercises.

Create Exercise Array

const exercises = ['pull-up', 'push-up', 'squat', 'deadlift']

If we want to grab the first one in our list, we use exercises[0], to grab second use exercises[1] but what if we don’t know the total exercise number in our list?

No problem, there are a few ways we can do that.

1. Find last element with array.length

In the first method, we’ll use JavaScript’s array.length property. To use it we need to first set up a variable, and then assign our array to it:

const lastExercise = exercises[exercises.length - 1]

Now if you run console.log(lastExercise) your console will output the last element of the array, in his case deadlift.

2. Find last element using pop()

We can also use a JavaScript array method called pop() which also gets the last element of an array but in a different way. Try it out:


The pop() method indeed targets the last element in our array, but beware it not only finds the last element of your array, but it also removes it.

If you console.log(exercises) right below exercises.pop() you’ll see that your array now has 3 elements instead of the original 4. This may or may not be what you want, depending on your use case.

3. Find last element with the Array slice() Method

The last method I want to show you is similar to the length method, but here we use slice() instead, like this:

const lastExercise = exercises.slice(-1)

Now if you console.log(lastExercise) you’ll get the same result as in the length example. A lot of developers find the slice method to be more reader-friendly than the length method, but unfortunately its also much slower, performance-wise.

To see what I mean, try running this slice vs. length comparison test on

So should you use the most performant or the most readable array method? There’s no right or wrong answer, it depends on your context.

In general, I tend to gravitate towards choosing performance over convenience as a rule of thumb, e.g. when working with images. It’s not a black and white question though. In terms of finding the last element in a simple array, you won’t even notice a performance difference between slice and length in your app, unless you’re executing millions of functions per second.

Always make decisions based on context.

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