[Review] Space Invaders Coded in Vanilla JavaScript (by Andrea Maille)

Space Invaders by Andrea Maille is a pure vanilla JavaScript version of the famous 2D game from 1978.

Overview of the Space Invaders game interface, showing enemy spaceships

The game has the following features:

  • Collision detection
  • Shooting with spacebar
  • Left & Right (x-axis) movement with keyboard arrows
  • Peace Mode (shoot enemies with roses instead of rockets 😂)
  • Timer
  • Score count
  • Highscore board
  • Submit your score

While the game doesn’t offer much resistance in terms of the enemy A.I and lacks sound effects (which would instantly make it more addicting), it’s a great source of learning and inspiration for anyone who wants to build games with pure vanilla JavaScript.

Play Space Invaders

Check out the source code.

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