How to Use Your Mac’s Emoji Keyboard (in 1 second)

Learn how to use your Mac’s built-in Emoji keyboard, and how to use it when writing replies/comments on a website.

Do you sometimes go to Emoji websites and then copy and paste them into a discussion section on another website (e.g. YouTube comments)?

Stop wasting your time, and instead open your Mac’s built-in emoji keyboard, by hitting this command:

Ctrl + Cmd + Space

And there it is:

Mac emoji keyboard

To use the emoji keyboard while typing on a website that doesn’t have an emoji toolbar (such as YouTube), click inside the reply/comment field to activate it, just as when you’re typing normally. Then use the Ctrl + Cmd + Space command to access the emoji keyboard, and click on the emoji you want to use:

Using the Mac emoji keyboard on YouTube
I’ve used Mac for 6 years, without knowing this feature 🤪

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