How to Take Different Types of Screenshots on Mac

Learn how to take 3 different types of screenshots on your Mac computer.

1. Take full-screen screenshot

To snap a screenshot of your entire screen, simply hold down CMD + Shift + 3 on your keyboard. By default, your screenshots will be saved to your desktop.

2. Take a screenshot of a specific part of your screen

To snap a screenshot of a specific part of your screen, hold down CMD + Shift + 4, to enable your Mac’s built-in screenshot crosshair. Now use your mouse to drag over the specific area you want to snap a screenshot of. As soon as you let go of your mouse, the screenshot is taken and saved on your desktop.

Tip: if by mistake you drag your mouse over the wrong area, you can cancel your screenshot process by hitting the ESC (Escape) button, and hit CMD + Shift + 4 to retake your screenshot. This way you can avoid having a lot of bad screenshots laying around on your desktop for you to clean up later!

3. Capture screenshot of individual window

To snap a screenshot of an individual window, press Shift + CMD + 4, and then hit SPACE. Now move your mouse over the window you want to snap a screenshot of, and click on it. Oh boy, I wish I knew about this one a bit earlier in my tutorial writing career, it’s so convenient!

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