How to Find Your Public IP Address

Learn how to find your public IP address using different methods.

The quickest way to find your public IP address is to simply go on Google, or your preferred search engine, and type:

What is my IP

Depending on your search engine, you will either get your public IP displayed at the top of your search results, or you will be provided with a list of websites that will show your IP when you visit them.

This method may not be 100% reliable, depending on your computer settings.

Find your IP via your terminal/command line

Another, more reliable way to find your public IP address is to open up your terminal, and run the following command:


This will show your public IP address inside your terminal.

Note: if you get an error, try using sudo in front of the command, like this:

sudo curl

You will then be asked to type in your operating system’s password and hit enter, to run the command.

Note: if you’re using a VPN — which I recommend everyone to use — the IP you’ll see won’t be your actual public IP address, but the one your VPN provides to keep your online browsing private.

To see your real public IP address, disable your VPN, and follow the steps above. Remember to enable your VPN again afterward :)

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