How to Quickly Download Images from Instagram

Instagram has done a good job making it hard for people to steal their users’ pictures and images. I have no problem with making it hard to steal other people’s pictures. However, sometimes you just want to grab a meme or share a specific photo from X account, privately, with a friend.

For the layman, this no longer possible on Instagram by right-clicking and saving the image file to your local hard drive.

If you’re a developer, or just comfortable using DevTools (the built-in browser tools, e.g. in Chrome), you can always right-click and click on “Inspect Element” and go digging for a URL path to the image source. This has also become harder on Instagram, but it’s still doable.

But this tip is for those of you who want a quick solution, which is not always the best, mind you.

Grab images with Image Downloader Continued

If you just want to be able to grab images fast, not just on Instagram, but on any website, you can download Image Downloader Continued.

Install the extension, and now go to the website you want to grab images from, and click on the Image Downloader Continued icon in your browser toolbar:

Image Downloader Continued icon

Here’s me grabbing using the tool on Medium:

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