How to Update Xcode

You’d think that Xcode, the application itself, would let you know when there’s a new version out. Wrong.

For some reason, to update Xcode you have to go to the App Store first. So go there. Remember to shut down Xcode if it’s already open, or you can’t update it.

Now you might think that finding the latest update would be as simple as clicking on the Updates tab at the top right (inside App Store) and then locate Xcode to update it. Also wrong.

At least on my end, I have to go to the search bar, type in Xcode, hit enter, and now I have access to the Xcode icon, where there should be an update label on if there’s a new update for you.

App Store open

Click on Update. And now you just wait.

And wait.

For an uncertain amount of time.

Nobody knows when it’s done, because there’s no progress bar or anything that even remotely indicates what’s going on in the background.

All you get is this spinner animation:

Update Xcode spinner animation

Which I'm not even sure is for the actual app update, or something else.

Anyway, at some point, your Xcode will be updated to the latest version, and you’ll be ready to continue with whatever you were working on. If you still remember! =)

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