Mac, How to Find the Expiry Date of Any Website Domain Fast

Are you looking for the expiry date of a domain name? Any domain registration service can show you the expiry date of a domain, but that requires you to use their search function to look for the domain first, and then find the owner/whois button on that site.

This is a waste of time. You can find the registration date of any domain within seconds, by using your Mac Terminal.

Mac Terminal

Fire up your Mac Terminal using Spotlight Search: CMD + SPACE, and type “terminal”. It will automatically pop up in your search as soon as you start typing.

Hit enter to open your terminal, and type:


And hit enter.

Within seconds your terminal will display a bunch of information about that domain, e.g. Domain Name Servers, Registration Date, and Expiry date. You may need to scroll up a bit to find the information — sometimes there’s a lot of text.

You don’t need www, or https, just the domain name and the extension (.com, .net, .org etc.).

Here’s me using my Mac Terminal to look up / whois (this website):

Video showing how to look up website information like domain expiry date by using the Mac terminal and the WHOIS command.

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