SEO Minion (Browser Extension) Review

SEO Minion is a great, free Chrome and Firefox extension that offers quick and helpful insight about how any given webpage is doing SEO-wise, including titles, descriptions, ALT tags, and URLs.

SEO Minion’s logo
SEO Minion’s logo

SEO Minion offers the following:

  • Analyze On-Page SEO: it analyzes the HTML of any given webpage and shows you whether there are any issues e.g. with URLs, missing tags, titles, descriptions, etc.
  • Highlight All Links: a quick overview quickly of all internal and external links, on any webpage
  • Check Broken Links: every link on a webpage gets checked and you receive an overview of any links with issues.
  • Hreflang Checker: checks for hreflang tag validity, and if there are return tags present

SEO Minion in action

How SEO Minion looks when installed and open here on

SEO Minion’s dashboard overview on the right side of the browser

Now you can click on the individual SEO categories on the slide-in menu, to discover potential problems, as well as tips on how to solve them.

There are many SEO tools on the market, but what I like about SEO Minion is how simple and lightweight it is. It does a lot of work fast and doesn’t tax your hardware usage much.

Download SEO Minion here:

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