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How to Remove App Icons from Your Mac Dock

Jan 28, 20191 min readMacViews:

Today I’ll show you two ways to quickly remove app icons from your Mac’s dock. On a fresh MacOS install there is a list of default applications in your dock. Chances are that you won’t need most of them, and you certainly don’t need to look at them all the time.

Remove Apps from Mac Dock method 1 (fastests)

Simply drag the icon for the app you want to remove out from the dock by clicking and holding down your mouse while moving it up and then let it go.

Remove apps from Mac dock by dragging

Remove Apps from Mac Dock method 2

If dragging doesn’t work (it should on the latest MacOS), you can just right click on the app icon in your dock, go to Options > Remove from Dock

Remove app icons from Dock by right clicking, go to options, and click Remove from Dock

How to Add Apps to the Mac Dock

What if you accidentally remove an app from your Dock, or want to add another app from your Application folder?

Not a problem, open Finder, go to your Applications folder, and and drag the app icon to the Dock and let go:

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