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Mac, How to Find the Expiry Date of Any Website Domain Fast

Jun 3, 20181 min readMac, TipsViews:

Are you looking for the expiry date of a domain name? Any domain registration service can show you the expiry date of a domain, but that requires you to use their search function to look for the domain first, and then find the owner/whois button on that site.

This is a waste of time. You can find the registration date of any domain within seconds, by using your Mac Terminal.

Mac Terminal

Fire up your Mac Terminal using Spotlight Search: CMD + SPACE, and type “terminal”. It will automatically pop up in your search as soon as you start typing.

Hit enter to open your terminal, and type:


And hit enter.

Within seconds your terminal will display a bunch of information about that domain, e.g. Domain Name Servers, Registration Date, and Expiry date. You may need to scroll up a bit to find the information — sometimes there’s a lot of text.

You don’t need www, or https, just the domain name and the extension (.com, .net, .org etc.).

Here’s me using my Mac Terminal to look up / whois (this website):

Video showing how to look up website information like domain expiry date by using the Mac terminal and the WHOIS command.

Has this been helpful? Got any suggestions or criticism? Let us know in the comments section! :-)

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