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How to Create "mailto" Email Links With HTML

Sep 17, 20181 min readHTMLViews:

Today you’ll learn how to master the invaluable skill of creating clickable email links with HTML.

Seriously? How to make an email link with HTML? Is this 1998?

No, I don’t think so. But seriously, mail links are so simple in their most basic form that it’s easy to forget how to write them (guilty!) even for experienced developers.

What is a mailto link?

This is a mailto link. Click on it, and it automatically launches your computer’s default mail client (e.g. Outlook in Windows).

And here’s how you write the mailto link above with HTML:

<a href="">email text</a>

A mailto email link uses the same code syntax as regular links, by using the anchor tag: <a>

For links you write the URL path inside the href attribute:

<a href="">

To use mailto you simply write your email address inside the href attribute:

<a href="">

You can replace the @email part with @gmail, @hotmail, or whatever email company you use.

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