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How to Convert a JavaScript Object to a JSON string (JSON.stringify)

Aug 9, 20181 min readJavaScript, TutorialViews:

You can’t send JavaScript objects directly to a server, but you can send JSON — a universally accessible string format.

With this code snippet, you can quickly convert JavaScript objects to a JSON string, which allows you to sent your data to your server.

Here’s a JavaScript object representing a single person:

let personObject = {
name: 'Adam',
age: 25,
city: 'San Diego',
profession: 'Web Developer'

To convert the JavaScript object above to JSON, we use a built-in JavaScript function called JSON.stringify(). Add the following right below your JavaScript object:

let personString = JSON.stringify(personObject);

Now if you console.log(personString) the output will be your person object, now represented by a JSON string.

Now your data is ready to be sent to a server!

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